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The Guide.

First Up.

Our flowers arrive hydrated, but they’ve had a long journey so they’ll need TLC and a good rest. Here’s how:

House Styles.

A great place to start, ranging from super easy to slightly trickier.

A. Posy Pulled Apart.

Difficulty Level: 0

Top Spots: These are great for long, narrow spaces. Whether that’s on a shelf or along a table runner. They can also be clustered on small side tables, and even given out as gifts at the end of a dinner party.

B. Posy in a Pot

Difficulty Level: 1

Top Spots: This beauty is best viewed from the front for full effect. Its favourite backdrops are mantelpiece mirrors, hallway consoles or atop a desk to be gazed at lovingly.

C. Posy Plumped Up

Difficulty Level: 2

Top Spots: The perfect all rounder, this works well everywhere but is especially impressive in the spotlight – think dining table centrepieces, coffee table accents or pride of place on a kitchen counter.

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